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Who we are...

Duty to Create has highly skilled professionals with wide experience across all sectors of the real estate industry. We have extensive experience working in the UK, Southeast Europe (Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia) and Asia (India, Maldives, Sri Lanka), where we built our professional network.

Each team member has achieved exceptional results in their respective field of work. We have been involved in some of the most prominent and challenging projects in Montenegro, Serbia and Sri Lanka, working with governments and leading investors in these countries.

Co-founder & Partner

Vedran Bostandzic MBA ICL

▪ 20+ years experience

▪ 30+ UK construction projects

▪ £5-20m London homes

▪ 20+ International developments

▪ Managed developments $50-200m

Vedran has over 20 years of experience in of construction, development, consultancy and sales and marketing. He is an entrepreneur with exceptional leadership, strategic and organisational skills. Due to his background in Engineering combine with Business Administration knowledge and past experience in starting up, developing and managing property development business, his role in setting up and strategically developing businesses is very valuable as he understands complexities of making new ventures successful. Vedran has a keen interest in marketing and filmmaking and has produced programmes and property promotional videos for several prominent projects. 

Co-founder & Partner

Petar Petrovic Architect UK

▪ 20+ years experience

▪ 20+ UK investment developments

▪ 20+ International developments

▪ Managed developments $10-400m

▪ RIBA Design Award

Petar has over 20 years of diverse experience in the real estate industry from architecture, construction, consulting and management of projects and developments to property sales and marketing. He has exceptional leadership, managerial, networking and communication skills. Petar worked with some of the leading architects in the world and as an RIBA award-winning Architect himself, he has a strong sense for design and aesthetics. Due to his background in architecture and varied work experience, he understands the entire real-estate industry and is able to use his knowledge to produce the best results for the clients, making his role in the client facing aspect very valuable.

Development management

Charles Weston Baker

▪ 30+ years experience

▪ 200+ developments 80 countries

▪ Savills UK, Director International

▪ Bovis P&Q, Director International

▪ British Army, Officer

Charles has over 30 years of development, consultancy and sales and marketing experience with international residential and leisure property. After establishing and leading the International Residential Department of Savills for 20-years, he now undertakes development consultancy and advisory work. Charles provides clients services ranging from traditional agency - property purchases and sales across the globe - to Development Consultancy and Development Management, working with developers and landowners to maximise the efficiency & profitability of their schemes and development programmes. 

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